Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Energy Support Fund | There for You (UNISON Welfare) | UNISON National

UNISON Welfare will be launching the first phase of our Energy Support Fund at 11am on 5 October. Applications will be submitted online.

(Please spread the word. This fund is limited and we must make sure that all branches and regions get a fair share)

The Energy Support Fund will be a one-off payment of £200 to help members with the rising cost of fuel.

Members who wish to apply must meet the grant’s eligibility criteria. In this phase, we will be accepting the first 2000 applications.

To be eligible for the fund you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must have 4 weeks of up-to-date membership as of 5 October. 
  • Must not have received a main grant since March 2022.
  • Must not have more than £1,000 in savings or rolling bank balance. 
  • Must not have received more than £750 worth of grants if applying within first year of membership.
  • Net household income of no more than £30k/year (£2,500/month).
  • Monthly housing costs (made up of mortgage/rent plus any service charge & ground rent) make up at least 1/3 of net household income.
  • Not in receipt of any means-tested benefits (excluding Child Benefit).

Members who do not meet the above criteria may be eligible to apply to future phases of the fund (if they meet the criteria). The second phase will launch in November.

Any queries regarding the Energy Support Fund should be emailed to

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