Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Give Newham the dosh you promised us Chancellor!

Later today the Chancellor will announce the details of the Comprehensive Spending Review, which sets out the government’s departmental spending plans for the next financial year.

Let us not forget the financial impact COVID-19 has had on local government and Rishi Sunak’s broken promise to do ‘whatever it takes’ to support councils to get through this.

Covid has cost Newham £59.5 million so far. Newham needs the support it was promised. Hat tip to LGA

UPDATE after the announcement


Anonymous said...

Raise some of it locally... how come that's never suggested?

John Gray said...

We are increasing council tax and social care precept? Only the government can take out loans as it sees fit and increase general taxation.

Anonymous said...

Only the Government can take out loans but only Newham council can run up debts.
Make some adjustments to your budget if you can't afford all the things you want to do. Start to manage within your budget. Look at some of the disastrous projects that have wasted taxpayers money on under the "management" of the council.
Its always someone else's problem to cover your profligacy, and looking at the council we find not one elected member that's ever been responsible for running anything outside a Union organization. What a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Can you publish the profit and loss accounts in relation to West Ham football ground?

How many millions is Newham loosing over that deal?

Instead of the London 2012 Olympics benefiting Newham, we are paying the price for it. Olympic glory for the nation, but Newham residents paying for legacy. Is it fair?

Instead, they got rid of thousands of jobs from Carpenters Estate to build the Olympic park. These were a loss of working class jobs and in light industrial work.

The decision makers, did n't loose any money or pensions. We have to pay for their mess.

John Gray said...

now you are being silly. "looking at the council we find not one elected member that's ever been responsible for running anything outside a Union organization". While several members are union activists others run successful businesses, large departments in schools or other councils, train manager, accountant, barrister, university lecturer, Priest, Housing manager, social worker, nurse....

I think we lost over £52 million on West Ham stadium. This is 0ne of the reasons why the previous mayor is no longer here. I used to cycle through the estate to work every day and "1000s" of jobs were not lost. The Olympics was positive for Newham but has not solved all our problems.