Tuesday, November 19, 2019

#Our Day - Celebrate Local Government in Newham

Today we celebrate Local Government in Newham and elsewhere. The collage above recognises what Newham Council workers deliver for our residents. day in and day out. The list is pretty endless. Councils and Councillors were encourage to tweet on their day.

Newham Council provides lollipop crossing attendants, building control, electoral registration, adult & youth social services, security, sheltered accommodation, housing officers, highways, homelessness, enforcement, youth provision, private rental licences enforcement, parking, parks, planning, mortuary, highways, play grounds, libraries, leisure centres, council repairs, homelessness, refuse, recycling, city farms, support to schools, teaching assistants and many, many other services

Below are my tweets from today:-

Today is #localgov day. I will try and tweet what I do today as a #Councillor & @NewhamLondon
Cabinet member. Just finished a meeting with #GLA officers & Mayor @rokhsanafiaz
on #RoughSleeping #CouncilsCan

By coincidence my next meeting was a presentation to members of #Newham Homelessness Action Group on the new @NewhamLondon  Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategy. The room was overflowing & there was a robust but constructive Q&A. @CllrShaban @NewhamSue Co-Chaired with Tony Lewis #OurDay #CouncilsCan

Finished a regular monthly briefing with @newhamlondon  officer on possible property acquisitions using Right to Buy receipts & Housing Revenue account borrowing. We have a desperate need for new homes in Newham & temporary accommodation with @CllrShaban  #MyDay #CouncilsCan #lga

Next was another briefing with @NewhamLondon  housing managers on temporary accommodation provision #MyDay #CouncilsCan #LGA On way home now to do some #GeneralElection2019
agent stuff. Just sent off last email to our @NewhamLondon  pension officers about an appalling email from one of our Pension Fund managers about an #ESG issue #OurDay #CouncilsCan #lgps #LGA

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