Monday, November 18, 2019

Go to the Marginals!

Hat tip Andy Diagram for a great map of London marginals. In West Ham we have a Labour majority of 36,754 votes. In 2017 our fantastic Labour candidate, Lyn Brown, got 76.7% of the vote.

While we will be campaigning in West Ham, we need to win in the marginals to form a Labour Government.

West Ham (and Newham) desperately needs a Labour Government. So please check out the list of marginals below and go and support.

We have been tasked in West Ham to support the nearby marginal of Cities & Westminster. While it is good to target all marginals, it makes sense that we concentrate on one marginal, where we can build relationships with the local party and learn what are the important local issues. The more you go to a particular marginal, the more that you will know that particular area and how to get into the difficult to enter blocks (and not get hopelessly lost as I have done many a time in a new area).

I was really pleased to see today that the Labour Party telephone banking software operation is now back on line. So we can arrange tele-canvass sessions targeting marginals from inside Newham (and members can ring from home). Watch this space.

1 Kensington   Lab maj-20   swing-0.03%
2 Thurrock   Con maj-345   swing-0.34%
3 Chipping Barnet   Con maj-353   swing-0.34%
4 Hendon   Con maj-1072   swing-1.03%
5 Finchley   Con maj-1657   swing-1.58%
6 Putney   Con maj-1554   swing-1.66%
7 Harrow East   Con maj-1757   swing-1.73%
8 Battersea   Lab maj-2416   swing-2.19%
9 Chingford   Con maj-2438   swing-2.60%
10 Westminster   Con maj-3148   swing-4.07%
11 Enfield Southgate   Lab maj-4355   swing-4.51%
12 Croydon Central   Lab maj-5652   swing-4.95%
13 Dagenham   Lab maj-4652   swing-5.07%
14 Uxbridge   Con maj-5034   swing-5.39%
15 Wimbledon   Con maj-5622   swing-5.46%
Our day by day campaign grid is here

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