Monday, January 15, 2018

"Protect our rights at work after Brexit"

UNISON has been urging activists to send their MP's this email for the vote tomorrow

Lyn has already tweeted that she will be supporting the amendments.

"On Tuesday 16 Jan, MPs vote on whether or not to protect our rights at work after Brexit.
These are rights that we use every day, from rights to time off for working parents; to holiday pay and equality laws protecting us from discrimination at work.  
The Prime Minister has repeatedly promised to protect our rights at work after Brexit. But the bill her ministers have put together is a huge power-grab. If the bill becomes law as it stands, it will give Ministers huge powers to slash or weaken our hard-won rights. 
That's why MPs have tabled amendments to protect our rights at work. If constituents put pressure on members of Parliament, they'll be more likely to support the amendments.
Can you please email your MP and ask them to stand up for the rights of ordinary working people after Brexit?"

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