Saturday, January 13, 2018

#Labourdoorstep in Plaistow North

After my Councillor surgery this morning I went over to Plaistow North ward to help out knocking on doors and speaking to local residents about the forthcoming Council elections in May.

It was cold but thankfully it stayed dry. Plaistow North is next door to West Ham and very similar. A mixture of  private Victorian terraces and purpose built social housing. I got into a little bit of trouble for sending out a New Year e-newsletter to CLP members this month (as Vice Chair Campaigns and Communications) titled "Want to get fit and lose weight? Go canvassing". Some members thought it was inappropriate.

After going up and down the communal stairs in the Tibbenham Walk blocks I felt vindicated. Why spend £40 per month joining a gym when you could instead go campaigning with Labour. My Google fit app recorded nearly 7,000 steps.

The canvass itself went really well. Labour support was pretty rock solid but I was surprised how many residents had picked up on the Newham Mayoral selection and expressed let me say, very strong views on it.

PS does anyone know what the purpose of the steps and rails in the Tibbenham Walk gardens? (bottom right of picture collage)

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