Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vote Labour

Nuf said


Anonymous said...

How many votes do we get?

How many votes for Mayor of Newham?
How many votes for MEP?

John Gray said...

Count starts today at 9am. 1st will be Mayor then probably after lunch it will be Councillors.

Could be a long, long day.

MEP count on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Robin Wales wins again - as someone said on Twitter "Four more years of hell."

As a Newham Councillor, you will get paid for doing nothing and local people having no voice.

Anonymous said...

You are gonna need to buy lots of toothpaste for all brown nosing you will be doing over the next 4 years.

John Gray said...

Hi anonymous

What sour grapes and bad losers you lot are!

Any way who cares what cowardly anons think.

We won, you lost, get over it.