Saturday, May 24, 2014

Barking & Dagenham Council Result 2014: 51 Nil for Labour

Congratulations also to Barking & Dagenham Labour Parties for defeating the BNP & UKIP.

As in Newham, all 51 seats have Labour Councillors. 


Anonymous said...

Another Borough, where people will have no voice with single party politics.

John Gray said...

hardly anon

People choose Labour as their voice. While it would be better if there was more than one party elected you cannot blame the borough or Labour for an useless opposition.

Ed Milliband said...

Bacon sandwich anyone?

John Gray said...

Yes please Ed! with fried egg and a little bit of brown sauce.

Anonymous said...

We have an obesity crisis and we have a leader eating crap. The NHS can't afford it.

Just look at the fried chicken shops which are full after school.

John Gray said...

Nothing wrong health wise with an occasional bacon butty anon.

I think it is a little far fetched to blame Ed for school kids going to fried chicken shops.

I do think Councils should be given greater powers to regulate Chicken shops