Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bite The Ballot - Do young people care about voting?

This is a great YouTube video by "Bite The Ballot". "Young people don't care about voting or politics. That is what we keep hearing. So, we spoke to them, turns out they do care!

Want to get involved? Play our Put your money where your mouth is game here - http://games.bitetheballot...."

It just happens to have the top West Ham Ward Young Socialist, Rania Ramli, appear in it! 


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I care and the last party I will vote for will be Liebour

John Gray said...

don't worry anon. You are barred from voting Labour in any case :)

Anonymous said...

I am in good company then because your party has barred the whole British working class too.’ be they black, white, whatever. Makes me wonder who exactly votes Liebour anymore. Even people who have had their benefit sanctioned and food bank participants don't like you.

John Gray said...

that is not what the good working class people of West Ham have been saying (so far) today.

Don't worry - you can still vote for your mates in the Hitler worshiping cultists(aka BNP)