Monday, May 19, 2014

Number of UKIP MEPs imprisoned V number of Romanians

Bearing in mind that UKIP seem to think that all Romanians are criminals.

This is an interesting statistic that you are far, far more likely to have been in prison if you are a UKIP MEP than an Romanian!

You are also far more likely to be in favour of handing the NHS over to private insurances companies, stopping maternity benefits for working mums, ending statutory holidays, getting rid of TUPE protections, reducing taxes for the rich and ending employment rights for workers if you are UKIP MEP or Councillor.

Hat tip Tyron Wilson


Anonymous said...

Maybe your headline should read.

Number of Fake Liebour MPs V number of Real Labour MPs

Labour is finished pal, you just don’t you get it!

John Gray said...

Nope, perhaps it should have read "number of racist MEPs imprisoned"?

Don't think Labour finished. Only alternative to Labour is Eton Cameron and his Tories.

Ian Manborde said...

Fantastic - thanks John! If we stick simply to basic facts/data we can beat UKIP. The problem is that, as Goebell's knew well, lies can work as electoral strategy and which accounts largely for UKIP's significant success. Keep up the good work John.

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't wory about UKIP if I were you, they may gain a few votes but realistically have no chance of gaining any foothold in Newham.

More worryingly are the reports today in the Evening Standard of people who have been handing out leaflets practically accusing Robin Wales and Newham Labour councillors of being racist.

Ridiculous don't you think, and a nasty attempt to gain a few votes?

John Gray said...

thanks Ian. Yes, people need to realise that UKIP are just ultra right wing tories.

Agreed anon this is plain nasty and at the same time faintly ridiculous.

Past supporters of George Galloway have taken over the local Tories and accusing Labour of being racist.

Alice in Wonderland Politics!