Saturday, March 29, 2014

DWP advertises for Atos replacement

Surely this is an offer not to be missed! I have come across a few organisations who already treat their staff and clients in this manner.

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Unknown said...

No laughing matter this, when there have been countless suicides with people at their wits end not knowing where to turn.
Many sick and disabled, with serious medical conditions are passed fit for work and die within a matter of weeks. This happened to a cousin of mine, causing her no end of despair in the last few weeks of her life.
Sick people have bills to pay too but the DWP stop their money. This vendetta against sick people is reminiscent of 1940's Germany.

John Gray said...

Hi Christabel

Sorry but this comment only arrived today for some reason. Understand a little bit about your angry but do not agree with your comparison no matter how disgusting this government treats many disabled and terminally ill people.