Saturday, October 26, 2013

Galloway & Respect being taken for chumps by Community politics

"Respect councillors in Bradford resign en masse George Galloway's party in disarray as its five city councillors resign amid growing internal dissent". Headline in yesterday's Guardian about the latest split in the latest version of the ill named political party "Respect". The Councillors accuse Galloway of trying to "marginalise and excommunicate party members who raise legitimate concerns".  While the Gorgeous one himself says of them "If they had a shred of principle they would now resign their council seats and stand again in their new colours."

I don't know the exact ins and outs of Bradford politics but while I know that Galloway's egotism, megalomania and laziness as a MP would have contributed to the split, it seems once again, local communities are taking him and his ultra left cronies for a ride.

I have come across respect activists who openly admit that they will use Galloway and his allies to finance and organise elections but they have no interest or sympathy in their domestic politics and as soon as possible will dump them.

How on earth a motley crew of mostly middle class, Trotskyite, militant atheists feel they have anything in common with conservative minded Muslim businessmen has always been beyond me.

(picture of Newham Respect former headquarters)

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