Thursday, November 01, 2012

Living Wage "Plus"

Next week is "Living Wage Week" and tonight the motion below was passed at West Ham Labour Party ward.

The Living wage campaign is a great step forward but we must not let employers "off the hook" with regard to decent holidays, sickness and pension benefits as well as trade union recognition.

"Support for a Living Wage plus for all workers in Newham

  1. West Ham branch supports the Campaign for a Living Wage “plus” for all workers in Newham as a minimum.   The Living wage rate for London is currently £8.30 per hour.
  2. We also believe that all workers should receive Living Wage “Plus” representing decent sickness pay, holidays and pensions.  Employers should ensure that any contractors it uses should also pay a Living Wage “plus”.
  3. This is not only necessary to bring workers and their families out of financial hardship but it will also stop taxpayers subsiding employers who pay poverty wages with family tax credits.
  4. Employers who now pay a Living Wage report improved morale, lower turnover of staff, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and improved customer service.
  5. A Living Wage plus will also encourage people to seek employment and become economic resilient.
  6. The wider economy is also in need of a boost in demand to pull us out of recession. Raising the wage rates of poorly paid workers is one of the best ways of doing this.
  7. The branch recognises that there may be legal and contractual difficulties and this could take some time for employers to fully implement.
  8. Trade union recognition and organisation is the best way to achieve and retain a Living Wage “plus”.
West Ham Branch:-
  1. Supports the Living Wage week 4-10 November.
  2. Calls on all employers to work towards being a Living Wage “plus” employer.
  3. Work with the Newham Mayor, Councillors, our MPs and trade unions to bring about a Living Wage “plus” for all who work in Newham, private and public sector. 
This motion was passed unanimously and will now go to West Ham General Committee on the 22 November. See if you can send a similar motion to your trade union or Labour Party branch?

Update: I will try and amend slightly at GC. A new point. "The UK is in terms of income one of the most unequal countries in the World. Research in the book "The Spirit Level" demonstrates the destructive and harmful impact such inequality has on our society. Raising low wages is key to reducing this inequality".  Also add "collective bargaining" to 8. 

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