Wednesday, November 14, 2012

STOP POLICE PRIVATISATION (& vote Labour in Corby, Manchester Central & Cardiff By-elections)

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections


On 15 November, the elections for Police and Crime Commissioners will be held for the first time in England, excluding London, and in Wales.

Worried about government cuts to your police force? Concerned that policing could be privatised? Then make your voice heard by voting on 15 November for your Police and Crime Commissioners.
Government cuts will mean:
  • 16,000 fewer police officers
  • 18,000 fewer police staff (police community support officers, 999 call takers, forensic experts etc)
The government also wants to privatise policing to allow private companies to make a profit from keeping your community safe.

If you object to these attacks on your police force, vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner who will campaign against cuts and privatisation. Vote for public services on 15 November.
Here's how you can make a difference:
  • Register for a postal vote today at:
  • Talk to friends, family and work colleagues to make them aware of just how important it is to vote on 15 November
  • Visit to find out more.
Find out more about your local PCC candidates: Link to an external websiteChoose my PCC

(hat tip UNISON website)


Robert said...

I just cannot find the interest or a reason to vote for two political hacks one Tory and one Labour in my area, both have failed to find seats for years, so now one will get a wage and a job worth we are told £100,000 a year..

John Gray said...

if you are happy with Police being privatised and GS4 protecting you then don't vote Robert. Your choice.
Free Country.

Macuser_e7 said...

The piss-poor turnout for these elections massively undermines the credibility of those elected. How can they claim any kind of mandate?

Just the latest instalment in the ongoing 'omnishambles' of the coalition government.

John Gray said...

agreed MacUser its an omnishambles. Why didn't they run it during May council elections?