Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reminder: Labour Party Leadership Hustings tonight at Stratford. E15

Lyn Brown MP sends out an audio reminder to Labour Party members and affiliates to attend tonight's Leadership Hustings. I've thrown together some pics to make a quick video. All the Leadership candidates will be there. It is being held at Duncan's House, UEL, High Street, Stratford, E15. Only 5 minutes walk from the bus, train & underground station. Next to the Party rooms. All Labour Party members and trade union affiliates welcome.  Sponsored by London UNISON Labour Link.

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Anonymous said...

My Lambeth Unison inbox has been flooded with unwanted emails from those who can't wait to see the back of Caspell from Lambeth who is leaving (thank God) to work in Tower Hamlets (poor old Tower Hamlets) I asked a fellow member of the BC why he send a good will message to him and his reaction was that he is so relieved that the mad one is leaving he thought he should. the self obsessed ego maniac has realised that no one can give him enough attention so he is going, he has accused everyone in the branch for being involved with conspiracies. Thank God the opportunist is leaving, sad day for Tower Hamlets!