Friday, July 02, 2010

"The devil is in the detail...and I am the detail"

So said the new Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Jack Pickles, at yesterday evenings GLA/London Council’s bash at the 9th floor of City Hall for all newly elected London Councillors.

I suppose many of us present would in fact agree with Mr Pickles self assessment of himself! He actually gave quite an emollient and even a suspiciously constructive speech about the importance of having elected Councillors (who can be “chucked out” by their electors if they are no good) and came close to promising that the Greater London Authority and Local authorities will receive much greater powers and responsibilities from central government and deleted quango’s. Watch this space I suppose.

London Mayor, Boris Johnson was unable to attend since he had to go to a School play. Fair enough although this did not stop cynical souls amongst us reflect that it was more likely because when he planned this event he did not expect so many Labour Councillors to be elected in London.

We did not escape - since he had specially recorded a vintage bumbling Boris performance on a DVD for us to watch (and endure).

Hackney elected Labour Mayor and new leader of “London Councils” (which represents all 33 local authorities in London) Jules Pipe, gave an upbeat and positive speech about us all working together for the benefit of London and the great services that London Councils provide. He didn’t notice Eric licking his lips at the knowledge of more things that he can demand to be privatised.

I had to leave early in order to go and make a report to my ward meeting but as I left I did reflect upon Boris as London mayor and the first time I had been to the 9th floor City Hall - and I hope to return sometime after May 2012 to a reception run by a Labour Mayor of London.

(Eric is bottom left; Jules is next to him and top left is UNISON and GLA Labour Assembly member Joanne McCartney with Newham Councillors)


Anonymous said...

Pickles sponsored by tax (non) payers Alliance

Now is it true the TPA chief Exec has three houses and earns over £200k a year

Thanks to Ashcroft millions

meanwhile the ten workers earn substantially less

Anonymous said...

The representative of Chamber of Commerce spokesperson states on Radio 4s Today that the public sector should not only lose 1.3m jobs but also have a pay cut, similar to that in the private sector.

What FTSE 100 Director has taken a pay cut on their basic pay, Directors pay is actually up as are bankers bonuses

He also says Redundancies should be cut, and the coalition has stated redundancies should be similar to best practise in private sector. OK will they match the bankers redundancy agreements as best practise

John Gray said...

Good points anon - sorry I didn't respond before.