Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Irascible Red Queen

Last night I watched the film " Alice in Wonderland" in glorious HD.

Which I enjoyed and recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it.  It is a really good film and well worth watching.

The "off with their heads" evil and wicked Red Queen did remind me very much of someone? 

I just can't think who?

Any ideas:)


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look angry enough for Yunus Bash! Seems the UUL are going bonkers over his victory at EAT and demanding reinstatement of his UNISON membership. But I don't think the EAT actually considered what he was kicked out of the union for - i.e. misuse of union resources (resources which are paid for by low-paid members).

andy newman said...

hazel blears?

John Gray said...

Hi Andy

too tall?