Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kaschke Appeal in Osler case denied!

Just heard that the Court of Appeal has refused Kaschke's written request for permission to appeal about her case against Dave Olser being struck out as an abuse of process. 

I've just had this comment on Facebook from someone following this mess "Yippee! I await another interminable conspiracy blaming post...". 

No doubt she will now demand a full oral hearing before the Court of Appeal(as is her right - but of course a further complete and utter waste of Court time and public funds).

We may find out the result of another case tomorrow!


Dave O said...

Can't wait until I allow myself to start drinking again!

Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't discourage Ms Kaschke from blogging. I just visited her blog and I'm still laughing, and I'll have plenty of oddball stories for the pub tomorrow!

John Gray said...

judgement on Monday!