Monday, July 19, 2010

The Mayor’s Newham Show 2010

Busy but on several levels a “good day” yesterday. I helped with the preparation of the West Ham Labour Party Leadership Hustings in the morning (see next post) then attended a local community “Big Lunch” event at the Rokeby Children's Centre in my ward. I had to try all the different foods on offer (including chicken noodles, goat curry, meat curry, jerked chicken, sausage rolls etc. just to be polite:). There was also Double Decker “play bus” from the Children’s play charity “Honeypot” which I had a quick tour.

Then off to the show in Central Park. Some 50,000 people visited this event over the weekend. I really enjoyed it and I think everyone else did as well. It brought all the different communities in Newham together. As I entered the Park there was Russian folk dancers singing a song called “Red Boots”! There was rap music, different types of Asian music and dancing and even a traditional brass band! The kids could ride donkeys on the beach, knock coconuts off the shy, take part in a tug of war or climbing walls. I think mind that they thought the fun fair was best.

There were also tents on health, fitness, hobbies and local interest groups, recycling, Council regeneration, training, community safety and two local history hubs- which I will post upon later this week.

Pity I missed the carnival on Saturday (because - see future post) and already looking forward to this event next year.

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