Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tower Hamlets Elected Mayor: New Labour Shortlist

 Hat-tip to Dave Hill who is the first person I think to report on the new shortlist to be the Labour candidate for Elected Mayor. 

"The original had contained three: the borough's former leader and current London assembly member John Biggs, and two councillors: Shiria Khatun and Sirajul Islam. Both Biggs and Khatun have made it on to the second shortlist too, while Islam has not. They've been joined by three others, all of whom were unsuccessful last time. They are health service manager Rosna Mortuza, the Council's present leader Helal Abbas and another previous leader, Michael Keith".

I think the all members ballot is in 2 weeks and the election itself is on October 21.


Anonymous said...

dear john biggs
thank you for your support of the billingsgate porters could you please explain what are you supportting and why
ether you dont know what going on at billingsgate market or choosing to ingore the facts
the facts are as follows and key isssues the reason why the byelaws have to go 1 it is closed shop policy 2 its racist 3 how many non white porters are there which is zero there are so many other issues which i can go
they people you will be reprenting are from east london who cant be porters because the job only goes to white males from essex maybe one or two from east london if you need more information cantact the market superdent he will arrange meeting between the three of us he knows who i am

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Wrong John:)

I have fw your comment to John B.