Monday, July 12, 2010

"Why we need rent controls" by Boris sibling and "The Firm"

Inside Housing magazine is running a great campaign against the proposed CONDEM class cleansing of poor people in prosperous and middle class Councils (my interpretation not theirs) by limiting housing benefit for tenants. This will result in mass evictions.  170,000 households in London could be affected (see link below).

This is a really important battle which I hope anyone with an ounce of social conscious will support. Unless we have balanced and mixed communities across London then we will just end up with USA style ghettos which blight entire cities.

What I was surprised to read on Dave Hill’s London blog that journalist Rachel Johnson (sister of London Mayor Boris and editor of “The Lady” magazine) called for statutory controls on rent levels as the best way of tackling high rents in central London!

More power to your elbow Rae and hope you will get Boris to agree!

(Picture is of the newly appointed *Commission only" rent arrears enforcement advisers to Tory Housing minister Grant Shapps)


Anonymous said...

boris to busy bonking to do anything

Anonymous said...

Does that mean Councils like Wesminster will be dumping their poor onto Newham for our cheaper rents?

We already got their alcoholic street drinkers.

I can't drive through Central London, because they stuck the congestion zone.

And I have to pay a fortune to take a train to Zone 1 from Newham, even though all the trains start from Upminister, Dagenham etc...

Plus Boris has given Central London, cheap cycle hire. Nothing for outer London.

I can see a rich poor divide in London....