Tuesday, July 20, 2010

West Ham Labour Party National Leadership Hustings

Many thanks to our MP Lyn Brown and her staff for helping to organise Sunday’s Hustings at the East London University lecture theatre in Stratford, Newham London.

There was about 170 Labour Party members and trade union affiliates there - not only from West Ham but also from all over East London. East Ham MP Stephan Timms was also present.

We did not have the usual “Question Time” panel format (admittedly due to candidate availability problems) but instead gave each candidate a 2 minute space for an opening address followed by 20 minute Q&A then a short minutes finishing address.

This seemed to work pretty well. There were a few scares on the way but all the candidates turned up in time to take their place, speak and go.

Since I was helping out with the stewarding I didn’t see all the speeches or Q&A’s but my impression was: - local MP Diane Abbott got the loudest applause for her ideas; David Miliband’s “who do you think will be the leader who will win the next general election for Labour” did hit home; Andy Burnham came over as a passionate contender with genuine working class roots even though I’m not sure that admitting that the he only usually comes to West Ham to watch “Everton win 3 points at Upton Park” was particularly wise (I declare a past youthful and present day interest in this matter); Ed Miliband was of course in my completely and utterly unbiased view - the clear winner (Nuf said) while Ed Balls in his contribution proved once again to be a cracking attack dog on the CON-DEMS.

It was a good night. Many thanks to UNISON Greater London Labour Link and local CWU for help and sponsorship. The Labour Movement family in our part of East London is alive and kicking.


Anonymous said...

OT, but I was wondering if you'd noticed that the much-trumpeted UNISON United Left blog - launched amongst much hoo-hah as being "in time to lead the fightback" - appears to have come to a full stop?

It was in full flow backing the biggest loser in the Gen Sec election, but now - with no posts since 24 June and not a single comment by any reader - looks to have shut down.

I submitted a comment more than a week ago to Jon Roger's blog, but he declined to publish it. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Tories to cut 30,000 from armed forces

Marines to put into army

time for servive personnel to find their voice !!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, anonymous, things are much worse for the extreme left than that - Socialist Youth Network, Labour Lefty Feminists, Labour Left Forum, COFUP! - all these are now moribund. And all of them connected to Marsha Thompson! Is she an agent?

Dave O said...

Bloody hell John, we're agreed on something.

I'm giving my 2nd preference to Ed M, and as Ms Abbott is unlikely to make it past the first round, that's equivalent to voting for him straight off.

Hope it goes well for you tomorrow ...

John Gray said...

cheers Dave (watch out it may become habit forming:)

coxie said...

tories are a joke, all politicians are a joke.