Friday, July 09, 2010

Lollypop Louise defeats BNP in Barking & Dagenham

 Great New! UNISON NEC member  Louise Couling clearly defeated BNP Nazi Richard Barnbrook in yesterday's by-election in Barking & Dagenham.

Check out background here.

Results for the Goresbrook Ward By-Election

•Ayer, Paul - Conservative Party. Votes cast = 108

•Barnbrook, Richard - British National Party. Votes cast = 642

•Choudhury, Faruk Ahmed - Independent. Votes cast = 11

•Couling, Louise - The Labour Party Candidate. Votes cast = 881. Elected

•Manning, Nobby - UK Independence Party. Votes cast = 50

•Northover, Warren - Independent. Votes cast = 63

•Taiwo, Felicia - Liberal Democrat Focus Team. Votes cast = 136

Turnout = 25.29%

UPDATE: From Luke's blog "Last night's results - some very pleasing ones for Labour in London (suggesting the good borough results in May were not just down to the General Election high turnout) and Wales: 

Goresbrook Ward, LB Barking & Dagenham. Lab hold. Lab 881 (46.6%, +3), BNP 642 (34.0%, +6.8), LD 136 (7.2%, -2.1), Con 108 (5.7%, -7.4), Ind 63 (3.3%, -3.5), UKIP 50 (2.6%, +2.6), Ind 11 (0.6%, +0.6). Swing of 1.7% from Lab to BNP since May this year. This ward returned 2 BNP councillors in 2006."

NB: 3% increase in Louise's % vote!!!


Anonymous said...

and with another swing to Labour since May

well done

especially to Louise and Searchlight

Anonymous said...

does that mean we lose louise off the NEC?

Anonymous said...

john why don't you have a go at the eco-nazi in your own borough in newham?

it is well known that the fascists have infiltrated the so-called anti law and order, animal rights, anti-city airport and anti-nuclear trains wombats.

but you don't say anything about these fascist green left bigots who want us to go on push bikes while they go off on long haul jet holidays?