Tuesday, July 06, 2010

CONDEMS axes 14 school construction projects in Newham

Well, don't say you were not warned

Check out the Newham Recorder - we are facing a "predicted 25 per cent increase in the number of four and five years needing a school place in the next three years. 

Executive member for children and young people, Cllr Quintin Peppiatt said: "The coalition government's decision to put a stop to 14 projects in Newham means that thousands of a students will miss out on the better education facilities they were promised.

This was a chance to improve educational attainment. After already seeing their free school meals and free swims under threat, we're deeply disappointed to see another blow to the young people of Newham."

I just hope that the David Cameron's "useful idiots" who poured such bile and hatred on the last (imperfect) Labour Government are feeling very proud of themselves.


Anonymous said...

You mean we can afford £100m for Building 1000, but we never used that money for schools!!! Those terrible Tories!!

Well, at least we managed to give Sir Robin a pay rise eh?

Anonymous said...

typical terrible tory - trying to justify robbing kids of schools.

Eton's not affected so all is right in their world - they don't give a damn about what happens in our schools.

DaveyPadua said...

you dont mention though that half of the boroughs schools had their rebuilding schemes approved by the coalition, and will be done.

if the last labour government hadnt racked up so much debt AND promised so much to so many with so few resources, then this situation would never have happened in the first place.

and i bet you dont publish this!

Anonymous said...

dp is just typical newham tory slime blaming building schools for the bankers recession. if the tory finance theives and fraudsters had not ripped off this country we would not have had this recession.

DaveyPadua said...

Anonymous clearly doesnt have a grasp on reality, let alone his or her own senses.

clearly you didnt read my post or understand it.

i am blaming the labour government for promising things they cant afford. because of the debt they racked up.

the recession is due to financiers taking advantage of the lax regulation, something that is the responsibility of the government...

in the good ol' days when the banks are taking massive risks with money and winning big profits, the government didnt give a toss how it was made, as long as it wasnt dirty money and taxes flowed into the treasury.

then when the bubble burst and it all went belly up, suddenly its the all the bankers fault for taking too bigger risks and nothing whatsoever to do with the government who are supposed to be regulating them.

Anonymous said...

daveypadua if your corrupt tory mates in the banks hadn't been robbing and thieving from us all over the world then this recession would never had happened.

bet you are pleased it did so you can stuff the poor and vulnerable. tories s**m bags.