Saturday, July 17, 2010

Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment Awards 2010

On Thursday evening I went to this inaugural event at the Globe theatre sponsored by PIRC and US “class action” lawyers Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP.

Pictured is one of the judges – the bearded blogging governance guru, Tom P, of Labour and Capital and the winner of the Corporate Governance Journalism Award, Kate Burgess, of the Financial Times.

The winner of the Responsible Investment Journalism Award was Hugh Wheelan of (you would never guess) “Responsible investor”. You can see here the articles he wrote that resulted in this prize. I’ll try and find links to Kate’s articles.

It was a very pleasant and well organised event but when you think that our entire economy very nearly went down the pan due to the completely rubbish governance of our financial institutions and that our present government thinks that the best way to deal with the consequences is to gleefully slash and burn everything. Then these awards are actually really important and we want to encourage and need more journos to write on responsible investment and governance.

I assume that both of the winning journalists have covered their fair share of award ceremonies in the past? So it was good to see that they were as embarrassed and secretly pleased as everyone else who gets awards in this way.

PS – with elections etc I’ve been side tracked on Capital Stewardship issues but hope to get back on board in the autumn. This is such an important issue (IMO).

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