Sunday, July 11, 2010

"New York Times" attacks Brit CONDEMS cuts

Amazing but true - the "Gray Lady" (I kid thee not) of American capitalism in this editorial on 9 July attacks the CONDEMS proposed massive public spending cuts.  ".... Britain isn’t Greece. Recovery would eventually have wiped out much of that red ink. The stiff, but less damaging cuts Labour had planned would have done the rest...The less well off, who depend on functioning public services, will suffer most....No reputable economic theory justifies this bleeding. In fact, most mainstream economists have argued for delaying the most severe cuts until a more robust economic recovery has begun.

The coalition budget reflects Conservative Party ideology, which asserts that as the government withdraws money from the economy, private businesses and consumers will step in to replace it. That won’t happen if Britons see only hard times ahead".

So even the good old New York Times admit that in Britain the the poor will suffer the most while the  rest of us are being stuffed purely due to dogmatic Tory ideology...Hope Mr Clegg is proud of himself.

Same old tories...

Hat-tip thingy Col. Roi

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