Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nick Clegg's strangeness to the truth

More evidence (if really needed) of the shame faced hypocrisy of our new Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg. 

In this pre-election letter to electors in Kingston he claims that "Voting Labour will only help the Conservatives win". 

I love the stuff about "most people remember the damage the last Conservative government did to our country. Record unemployment, cuts to front line services and politics riddled with sleaze...Today's Conservatives haven't changed...funded by billionaires and city bankers...helped cause the economic meltdown...Conservatives want to cut taxes for millionaires while giving the rest of us a VAT rise (yeah)..a vote for Lib Dems will mean lower taxes...investment in schools(!!!)...

The ironic thing is I think that there are many Liberal Democrats who are genuinely ashamed of their Party's alliance but "Orange Book" Clegg is of course clearly not one of them.

Hat-tip thingy Col. Roi


Anonymous said...

Of course, if there was a lib-lab coalition in power now, your take on Nick Clegg would be somewhat different wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

This letter is great

dont vote for Tory cuts

Anonymous said...

So at the same time Clegg was saying he knew he would have to make massive cuts he signed this letter

so much for new politics

simply Lib Dem Clegg LIES

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 08.24

No, not really. Clegg is a fiscal conservative who is a rabid euro centralised. He would not be welcome in a Labour coalition which is why he wanted to link with his natural soul mates.

Anonymous said...

Get even at Exeter and Norwich council byelections in September