Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jack of Kent on "Kaschke v. you know who" case

Top legal blogger (and all round nice guy) Jack of Kent reports on the latest round of legal nonsense and complete waste of public funds here.

As usual he cuts to the quick to make complicated legal matters clear to (nearly) everyone.

"Assistant Solicitor of the Year" at this year's Lawyer Awards (June 2010) and The Times "Lawyer of the week" Robert Dougans is also doing his very best to sort out this utter mess.

See what happens tomorrow I suppose. 

This is purely coincidental and nothing to do whatsoever of course with the present case - but can anyone advise me what would happen to a claimant, who let us say, happened to blatantly lie repeatedly about a significant issue to a High Court Judge in a pre trail hearing?

I assume something pretty 'orrible?

Hat tip thingy for the above Jack of Kent caption to Science, Reason and Critical thinking


The classic Battle of Cressy Poem:

"...Ha! cried the Prince, is it thou my gallant Jack of Kent,

Now charge with me my brave lad for thou has been sent

By God, to aid me in the midst of the fight,

So forward, and wield your cudgel with all your might...."


Anonymous said...

she goes to jail, directly to jail, she does not pass go.

Anonymous said...

she does certainly not collect 250,000 pounds. but does she win second place in a beauty contest?

Mr Civil Libertarian said...

Oh, deary me, it seems Ms Kaschke is not happy about the graphic you've used on this post!

You've upset her, John, you should apologize to the offense you've caused her. Or, you could disregard her as a loon, as I have done.