Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rule or Ruin 4: "Avoid Infantile Disorder"

The latest from Tynesider on the fall out from the attempted Ultra left take over by paid officials of the SWP and the SP of the North East Shop Stewards Network (NESSN).

Check out “Rule or Ruin” one, two and three. It is getting even more murky!

Sorry you have more scrowling than reading to do.
You receive e-mails from me because you are a friend, colleague, and comrade of *****, the Labour Party or wider the Labour movement.
Hopefully what I normally forward is interesting and informative in its own right.
In the case of the NESSN it is informative, but lately is equivalent to a left wing kinder garden, scrap.
I would understand if you wished not to receive NESSN material further, just let me know and I will remove you.
I see no sign of these e-mails ending...
“NESSN has managed to do is a huge victory for working class left unity”, when I read this I thought I’d missed something, then realised he was being satirical.
We are diverse and disciplined by our many various conference decisions, but we owe it to those we claim to represent to avoid Infantile Disorder.
Yours ...

…Please remove me from this list. I will check the position in a few months time.

…I think what the NESSN has managed to do is a huge victory for working class
left unity. Out of the wreckage of the workers movement of the 20/21st
century Dave Harker has managed to unify the separate traditions of the SPEW
and SWP against him and meanwhile everybody else is doing a runner. It's a
huge achievement. Which one is the NESSN and which one is the real NESSN
though? It's almost like watching the unfolding of the October Revolution at
first hand

…Please remove me from this list.

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