Sunday, December 20, 2009

A message from the Left Platform

I had been meaning to link to the posts on Harry’s Place about the recent purge in the SWP of a student activist and the apparent pending expulsions of Mr & Mrs Diss-Respect John Rees and Lindsey German (3rd link).

When Comrade Mercader kindly sent me this YouTube vid above posted by Icepicker100. Who explains "Lindsay German and John Rees of the SWP's Left Platform issue their message to the SWP's Dr.Evil, Martin Smith".

I note also that the Weekly Worker has comradely set up a “Defend Rees-German” campaign.

Check out more on Left Platform

UPDATE: SWP Baron "Loads of Money" the Honourable Alex Callinicos and his vassel Dr Evil Smith fights back against the dastardly Rees-German gang - check out his response.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Typical BBC!.. its not politically correctto say so but pc liberalists are getting away with murder because they hate our freedoms. Mark my words bring back Churchill. What do you think?!?!

Yahoorsur said...

sorry John
But i had to post some right wing drivel it comes from a great site called Twat a tron
It randomly generates right wing nonsense fron the HYS boards on the BBC.
Heres the link

Anonymous said...

Hey John. Look on the lambeth unison blog mate. The militants there are standing 2 white swp people against a national Black activist?? Whats that all about? The assistant secretary post? Thought they were the leaders in Equalities? Two white males from the swp are standing against a black female activists?? Very Lambeth!

John Gray said...

Naughty deleted Vernon! You would get me in even more trouble!

You should know who these people are and remember "it is Christmas!".

John Gray said...

Hi Yahoorsur

Sorry I deleted some of the comments because I thought it was spam. What daft comments?

I wonder if big bad Mikey posts there?

Mike Law said...


If you're referring to

You're now seem to imply that I'm racist bigot... why don't you just say what you think?

Don't tell me, you've been told that I'm a racist so it must be true.

You really are an asset to the Labour cause!

John Gray said...

Hi Mikey

You do come out with some seriously weird stuff at times?

Do you really not "get" that this reference to you was a joke?

Or are you just really too pompous and full of self importance to see that this was just a daft dig at you for IMO your barmy views and comments - nothing more and nothing less?

Mike Law said...

Weird stuff? I bet you’d be over the moon if I alluded that you were a racist bigot then tried to pass it off as a joke.
That’s a weak defence and one used by the Jim Davidson’s and Bernard Manning’s of this world.

As for being pompous and full of self importance … you really are unaware of your own comments.

I accept that this is your blog and that you use “IMO” get-out clause to death, but I yet to witness you rise to the challenge (put to you on many occasions) and explain where I am wrong or why my views are “barmy”.

On another post, an anonymous contributor posted that he felt you and I have a lot in common; not so. You have much in common with Wales. What you did here is text book Wales strategy: throw out a comment that maligns an opponent in the hope that it will catch on (a lie told often enough becomes truth). Should it backfire… no harm done, it was just a joke, it’s your problem if you didn’t know it was just a joke.


John Gray said...

Hi Mike

I suspect you just don't realise how small and silly you appear with such comments. I will response to that poor deluded comrade's comment when I get a mo.

Can I suggest that you actually start posting more and commenting less? I enjoy LOL!

Rita Chadha said...

Please stop posting suggestions that Mike is racist. It makes it impossible to challenge racism, especially in the Newham Labour Party, when its used as a smoke screen to attack perceived enemies. The racists in Newham, I would suggest are much closer to home, we've seen it time and time again when politics are played with race. Be interesting to see a full equalities impact assessment on the Labour Party in Newham.

John Gray said...

Hi Rita

(if it is you)how on earth can anyone possibly on this earth think this this post suggests that Big Bad Mikey is a racist?

A complete and utter plonker maybe!

Mike Law said...

Have you actually looked at the site you referred to?

My wife and my daughter have and they think the comments on it are racists. As they are both black, I would assume they'd have a pretty good idea what is, and isn't, racists (as will Rita).

But, never mind, it was just a joke.

John Gray said...

Hi Mikey

The majority of offensive comments referred to in this site are plain tory (or worse) ignorant not necessary racist.

But what on earth are you involving your family?

Please send me your email address (via my profile) and I will email you privately because you are completely out of order.

John Gray said...

Hi Mike
I asked you to email me privately but you have chosen not to and tried to post yet another completely over the top and unacceptable comment.

I’ve had enough and until you learn to behave yourself I’m deleting all your future comments.

Good luck with your blog in which you can put in what you like and how you like. We will see which one people prefer.

PS – if I come across the Editor of the Newham Recorder (poor chap) I am going to offer to buy him a very large drink!

Andrew Coates said...

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Posting from a Polish shop, Rasputin's, I think I may treat msyelf to special bottle of Vodka to celebrate,

John Gray said...

Hi Andrew

"na zdrowie,"