Monday, December 14, 2009

Canning Town North Canvass

You may have not realised it but yesterday was a Newham Super Sunday campaign day! I was sent out with two teams of 4 Labour party activists to “door knock” parts of Canning Town North ward (see picture of both teams taken by Cllr Shama Ahmad). The ward is solid Labour.

It was one of those bright but cold canvassing days that you wished that you had remembered to bring your fingerless gloves with you. Especially if you were filling out the voter ID sheets on a clipboard! It was chilly enough for one pensioner we called at to say she didn't fancy going out and would I post a letter for her!

Most of the people we called at knew at least one of the local councillors personally and were pleased with their representation. People were quite happy to talk to us and raise issues which we will feed back to their Councillors. There were reassuring signs that our traditional core vote were waking up to the threat of a Tory government and indicating not only that they identify with Labour (to whatever degree) but they will go out and vote against the prospect of a Tory government.

I think that this is because working people are beginning to remember and accept that now is the time to stop just moaning about Labour and remember what the Tories actually do to working class families and communities in a recession when they are in government.

In the afternoon other teams went out to different parts of Newham.

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