Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Welsh Nat joins Tories because of "respect for Queen and Country"

I cannot resists this story and as someone who has family (I was born and brought up in North Wales and my mum’s a Denbigh “Matthews”) who are sincere Plaid Cymru supporters (my niece's step-dad is one of their Councillors). I know they will be splitting feathers at this news!

Knowing a little bit about Welsh politics I suspect the actual truth of this matter is probably more than appears.

This is though even better than the Tower Hamlets Respect Councillor (and SWP member) who defected to the Tories.

Picture is of the investiture of the Prince of Wales by Queen Elizabeth II in Caernarfon Castle 1969. Which I vaguely remember since we had a day off school, a great traditional street party and a free Prince of Wales mug (now alas lost).

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