Monday, April 16, 2012

Please don't vote to close nurseries...Vote for the Party that Cares

Excellent UNISON Billboard campaign launched today "calling on the public to vote for the party that cares about public services in May's local and mayoral elections in England....

Dave Prentis, UNISON general secretary, said:

"Voters across the country are being hit hard by public spending cuts. The unemployed young person who has lost the help they need to find work, the elderly person watching their social care services disappear, the low income family that has lost thousands in tax credits. Meanwhile, the richest 1% are in line for tax cuts in coalition Britain.

"In May's elections voters face a stark choice. Vote for the coalition parties and vote for cuts, or vote for the party that cares about public services. UNISON's campaign is aimed at making sure voters make the right choice at the ballot box in May."
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