Thursday, January 20, 2022

West Ham Ward ASB Action Day (and Italian Street Food)


This evening I went with Newham Council funded Met Police and Council Enforcement officers for a "walkabout" in West Ham ward, which I represent as a Councillor. Yesterday and today were ASB "Action Days" in West Ham and Stratford. Local ward Councillors were encouraged to join various teams tackling problems in our forum area. 

Tonight was very cold so there was no street drinkers to be found causing problems, so we concentrated on other issues in the locality. There was a number of actions found and I will also be raising members enquires for Newham Council, L&Q Housing Association and One Housing about public realm defects encouraging ASB, dumped cars on estate land and grossly inadequate communal area lighting. 

It was not only important for elected members to go out with our Police and Council officers to see what they do but also vital for us to listen and learn to the professionals about their experiences and their views on what works and what doesn't. This is a great initiative by officers and Cabinet lead Cllr James Beckles.  

On a more positive side, we walked pass the "Pasta Che Musica" Pop up Italian Street Food stall in Arthingworth Street, E15 and I introduced myself to the very friendly owner/chef. Which Newham officers assured me is fully licensed by the Council (and has 4.9 out of 5 google reviews) and will no doubt soon temp me to break my 2022 New Year Low Carb diet (yet again). 

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Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why the bin men, never put the bins back where they found them. If someone is on holiday, elderly or late back from work, it is a sign someone is not at home. A target for burglars.

It is worse outside blocks of flats, where they have those very metal wheelie bines. When there are ten different flats in a block, who the bin men think is responsible for bringing back those shared bins back to the places.

They are collecting bins at nights, so more occasions of beings bins left in the wrong place or blocking garden gates.

I have tried to complain to get improvements in my area, but on the Newham web site, they only have "fixed" listed of issues. If your issue falls in on the listed categories, it is fine, but if you query is about something else, then you can't contact Newham (unless I am missing something). Or should I have to post a letter? Do they read letters?

Shopping trolleys are a nuisance..... some of these retailers are not collecting them back.


Homeowners who are doing the right things by ordering a Skip for building works have found them fly tipped overnight. They can't call Newham to complain or help them out.

People think it is an innocent crime, but those home owners have paid £400 for them plus a road licence to Newham Council. In a few cases fly tippers, have picked up unwanted letters and places them in those skip, to blame innocent neighbours. So even if they are prosecuted by Police, they can point to letters belonging to an innocent person.

These criminals have all seen those TV shows, where Council enforcement officers go through rubbish looking for evidence. Now they are planting one. Newham enforcement need to very careful not to prosecute innocent residents on the basis of such evidence alone.


It is great you giving a plug to Newham businesses. I recently discovered that artisan Tea was being manufactured in E7, there is an ice factory (for pubs) and someone making office and dining tables from recycled materials... and there is a shop in Forest Gate manufacturing plaster coving.... a friend it strange, there is a Dr Who shop in Newham and the Royal Palace gets their laundry and dry cleaning in Newham.