Monday, January 17, 2022

Nominate Sonya Howard and Clara Mason for London SGE seats

I am no longer in the Local Government Service Group for London but if I was, I would vote to nominate Sonya and Clara! 

"Dear Branches 

We are writing to you to request your branch nominations in the upcoming 2022 SGE Elections 

Who are we? 

Clara Mason -Assistant branch Secretary at Greenwich UNISON also currently female representative for London on the SGE. Standing for the Greater London SGE female seat membership number 107824223 

I am a teaching assistant who has a real understanding of schools’ members issues and support many of them during the pandemic with concerns around their safety during pregnancy, supporting them through individual risk assessment, ensuring school risk assessment were updated regularly and fully assessed the many risks faced by our members. 

I continued to support many of our reps in other roles like waste services, care workers and cleaners. I have championed mental health support not just for our members but for all reps who faced increased workloads and changes to way of working. 

A key success I have had is supporting many of our school support staff winning our term time only case which led to 5000 school support staff in Greenwich reviving back pay not only was this a success for Greenwich, but this has led to many other UNISON branches in London to successful challenge term time only contracts and get back what was rightfully members money. 

I want to continue championing for our London branches on the SGE ensuring that issues we all face are raised and that we push our Union to fight issues that effect our members and reps – we are set for some challenging times ahead with many employers and workplace try to recover from the 

Sonya Howard 1162788 Standing for Service Group Executive Greater London Local Government General Seat I am the Branch Chair Kensington and Chelsea Local Government branch. 

I have various National positions and have a vast amount of experience across UNISON and the Labour movement. Including negotiations across Tri -borough working. Over the years I have both organised successful disputes; lobbies, and campaigns across Labour and Tory led Councils ensuring better pay and condition for our members. 

Recently securing through Negotiations and a fairer pay and grading, with increased leave for many members. Continue to ensure that COVID working has seen members protected through risk assessment, including Negotiation new working from home ensuring no losses across the Council including our School members. 

A decent pay rise is needed more than ever before if we are to prevent members falling deeper into debt. This corrupt government sees inflation rising beyond 4% with a pitiful offer that will not prevent our members becoming classified as the working poor. 

We now need a clear strategy and leadership to build for solid support on future pay campaigns. I believe in strong democratic rights within the union and lay representation. I believe empowering our membership and standing up for fairness and transparency is crucial to take this union forward. 

We will bring Fresh approach to the SGE. Listening to our members including I promise that we will ensure the voices of our Black, LGBT+ , Women and Disabled will always matter and be heard. That UNISON Equality agenda will never be ignored. 

Yours in solidarity Sonya Howard and Clara Mason

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