Monday, January 10, 2022

Lyn Brown MP - " those who groom, use and abuse our children....(should receive) appropriately harsh prison sentences"


I have been meaning to post this powerful call for harsh prison sentences for the groomers and abusers of our young people.

Lyn Brown MP, House of Commons debate 15/12/21 "Spoke yesterday to introduce a Bill which, if enacted into law would, I believe, begin to end the end the scourge of county lines and the exploitation and harm to our children that it causes.
All of the content from the speech came from local events and stories and the generosity of local mums who shared their stories with me.
I want to see those who groom, use and abuse our children receiving appropriately harsh prison sentences because that is the only way that this “business model” of illegal drug sales will be destroyed. It started in the last decade, it can stop in this if we take the appropriate action"

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