Friday, January 28, 2022

InUNISON - "There for you" winter fuel fund opens on 31 January


Check out the new site (which is run my members for members) for my post on member applying for winter fuel grants. 

"One of the very best things about UNISON is the practical solidarity that members show for each over, by raising money for our hardship fund "There For You"

On 31 January "There for You" will be launching its "Winter Fuel" grants programme. The fund will offer grants of up to £200 and is designed to help the union’s most vulnerable low-income members.

Our current Tory Government under Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has allowed energy prices to shoot up completely out of control. While "There for You" cannot help everybody suffering from fuel poverty it will make a difference to many members and their families.

Due to low pay in public services we have thousands of our members who will be eligible, so please also ask your branches to make sure they get this information out to members and they apply as soon as possible (as funds are limited)

Will I be eligible?

  • You must be a UNISON member and have paid at least four weeks subscriptions at the time of applying;

  • you do not have savings of more than £1,000, which includes rolling bank balance;

  • only one application per household will be considered;

  • you/your partner are responsible for household fuel bills.

And either …

you are on a low income:

  • for a single person, this means under £18,200 per annum/£350 per week;

  • for a family this means under £26,000 per annum/£500 per week.

Or …

you are in receipt of one of the following benefits:

  • housing benefit;

  • universal credit.

For further information and how to apply click on this link

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