Thursday, January 06, 2022

My home 100 years ago - 1921 Census results



Yesterday I was able to download copies of the 1921 census return for my home Woodford Road, Forest Gate, West Ham, London. It is a typical London "railway terrace" house which was split up into 2 flats in the late 1980s. The property was built in the 1870s. I think it was originally a "two up, two down". At some stage a two storey extension was built to the rear for the whole terrace row.

Some of the details I think have been misread by the scanners at "" since the handwriting is very hard to read.

Interestingly in 1921 there was also 2 families living at my home.

The Baker/"Hanguharson" (or possibly "Farquharson") family. Widow mother Susannah (69), daughter “Florence?” (35), son in law William (35 who was a "LCC tram driver") and William the 14 year grandson. All born locally.
The other family were called Fox. Charles (56) was a "Coach builder Lawrence Bignold Road Forest Gate", his wife Emma (48) and son Charles (25) a "Messrs Ward Silvertown Engineers". Fox senior was from Birmingham while his wife and son were born locally.

I have no idea if both families rented or one was the lodger of the other. There was a number of multiple and intergenerational households in Woodford Road at this time. Some things have not changed over the years!

Census records are kept confidential for 100 years. It cost £3.50 download a scan of the actual census entry and £2.50 to download a written interpretation of the entry. You can get this information for free if you go physically to National Archive sites

I am not at all superstitious (touch wood) and do not believe in ghosts but I do wonder about the lives of all the families who have lived in my home in the past. Watch this space for details of 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses.

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