Friday, January 21, 2022

Yet more disasters by the UNISON NEC Far Left extremists - "Our union is at a crossroads"

It is no secret that we have now had disastrous ballot results for pay claims in Health and Local Government. The blame for which must lie squarely with the new UNISON NEC who decided to wage a civil war in the union.  As well as trying to sack our newly elected, first ever female, General Secretary, instead of trying to unite us. 

Check out below our former President, Chris Tansley views.  

"Our union is at a crossroads and the wrong decisions now could have profound consequences well into the future.

The far-left faction ‘Time for Real Change’ who already control the National Executive Council are now planning to extend their reach by taking over Regional Convenor Teams and the Service Group Elections.

Since assuming control of the NEC, Time for Real Change has focused attention not on the interests of members but on strengthening their control of the union. In the last 12months the union has lost almost 30,000 members and a good number of our activists, but Time for Real Change has focused on internal politics, and the wrong priorities.

Controversial motions to change our rules were pushed through against the advice of our General Secretary and legal officers. New rules for internal elections have been imposed which permit the involvement of outside political parties. Long-standing conventions that guaranteed a voice for our devolved nations have been dumped, and our Self Organised Groups have rightly criticised Time for Real Change for the lack of diversity in the lay leadership of our union.

This is a group supported and resourced by political organisations and groups from outside Unison in particular Momentum and the Socialist Workers Party. This last week we’ve seen among others John McDonnel MP launch the Time for Real Change SGE election campaign. The same people who led the Labour Party to its worst ever election defeat, left it mired in anti-Semitism, and were found to have acted illegally by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, are now invited to exercise power and influence in our union.

Time for Real Change is not representative of UNISON members, and we must ensure that our union remains focused on its members, addressing their issues, not taken on a political journey to the point of being irrelevant".

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