Sunday, February 28, 2021

UNISON NEC National Seats recommendations


Nominations for UNISON NEC candidates close at 5pm on Friday 5 March. Denise and I have enough  already be on the ballot paper for Community members but the more nominations the better!

Above are flyers from UNISON candidates I have had personal recommendations from by members of these sector or self organised groups :-

Community - General seat John Gray & Female Seat Denise Thomas (obviously)

Energy - General Tracey Wainwright

Health - General seat James Anthony: Female seats Pat Heron & Michelle England; Male Gordon McKay

Higher Education - General seat Amelia Rout & Female Josie Mangan-Murphy

Local Government - General seat James Minto; Female Maggie Griffin & Janet Green; Male Sean Fox

Police and Justice - General seat Chris Hanrahan & Female Maureen Le Marinel

WET - Pam Sian

Black Members - Femae seat Manjula Kumari, Male Conroy Lawrence, Reserved Abiola Kursoro

Disabled Members - General seat Graham Ellis & Female Katrina Murray

Young Members - General seat Jamie Dickinson

There are many other excellent candidates who I do not know of or are standing against each other so I will give these contests a miss for now. 

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