Saturday, February 27, 2021

Newham Labour Unions telecanvass with Assembly Member Unmesh Desai - Tuesday 2 March 6pm-7.30pm


On Tuesday 2 March 6-7.30pm trade union activists in Newham have organised a joint telecanvassing session in support of Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan and our Labour Assembly members. 

East London and City Assembly member, Unmesh Desai, will be in attendance. 

The elections in May 6th are only 68 days away and as much as I prefer other forms of campaigning, telecanvassing is the only thing allowed at the moment due to Covid. 

Check out this article in Labour List by Sadiq on the positive difference trade unions make and his commitment to work with us. 

Unfortunately since we have to use Labour Party software programme called "dialogue" only Party members can participate. 

Can members to try and log into dialogue prior to joining the meeting at this session. Go to try and log in to first? People not being able to log in because they've not used the Labour online systems before is a common problem and usually eats into training time. 

People should attempt to use an email address that they think they might've used in the past and then click "forgot password" in order to reset. If this leads to no response in an email inbox or junk folder, then they're going to need their membership number in order to link their email to their membership and that can be done at the following link

 If there are still issues, they'll need to contact campaigns technology (email or call on 0345 092 2299 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm). 

All West Ham Labour party members should have received an invite and I hope that East Ham will be able to do the same. 

I hope that similar sessions will take place at least fortnightly until the election. 

All Labour Party trade union members welcome regardless whether their union is affiliated to the Party or not. 

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