Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Early Voting in Newham for Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan (and campaign begins to step up).

Check out this "early voting" video by the Labour Party promoting postal vote registration in Newham. "Early voting can help double the Labour vote". 

Yesterday there was a meeting of Newham Labour Union activists, where it was agreed to hold regular telecanvassing sessions in the run up to May 6 with our local London Assembly Candidate, Unmesh Desai. 

This morning, Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan, gave a keynote address by video to the UNISON Greater London Regional Council and praised our public service workers for their fantastic work and sacrifice during Covid. In particular our London Ambulance Service. 

This evening there was a training session and phone bank for West Ham ward members. I was also pleased to see on email that West Ham ward is currently the number one ward in the borough (out of 20 wards) for telecanvassing campaign activity. Many thanks to our Labour Group organiser Hasib Baber for all his hard work (and patience!) training members. 


Anonymous said...

I watched the video and the problem is that actually we all lived through Covid and its one event we are all capable of judging without Labour activists trying to spin the truth. The reason Sir Keir Starmer is trailing in the polls is that no one likes Labour trying to make political points out of national crisis. With only three members of the entire shadow cabinet having previously had any front bench Government experience (Sir Keir not being one of them) its a bit rich for you to try to telling us somehow Labour would have done better? A bit like Sir Keir's taking of the knee, a big mistake that alienates further millions of once traditional Labour voters. You may win the Metropolitan vote but you are further from power than ever, and further alienated from the working class in the red wall than ever.

John Gray said...

Yawn. Mr Anon Trump, Please attack his policies not his personality. Play the ball not the person