Thursday, February 18, 2021

You can put pressure on the government - Give all key workers a pay rise








John, the spring budget takes place in just a few weeks. UNISON is joining the TUC and sister unions to pressure the government to end the public sector pay freeze and give all key workers a pay rise.    

This is how you can help:



Come to a meeting with your MP

Activists across the country are running online meetings with their MPs. You can search for your constituency, see if there’s a meeting where you live and RSVP today. 


If you’re able to join a local meeting, it will make a huge difference. You can make sure key workers where you live feel supported and your MP pays attention.




Record a video message

If you’re a key worker, you can get your story in front of MPs by recording a video message.


We’ll use the videos with politicians and on social media to help build the campaign. Your own story is one of the most powerful arguments we have. You will make a difference in increasing pressure for change.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before; the tool will help you through the process and make it easy.




Please take a minute to support the campaign. Come to a meeting or record a video message now. You could make all the difference. 


Thank you,

Liz Snape
UNISON assistant general secretary


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