Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Team London for Members 4 UNISON NEC 2021


We are standing to
• Represent every one of the 130,000 UNISON members across London
• Amplify the voices of our members from every service group and sector – community, utilities, higher education, health and local government
• Ensure UNISON is a leader in the campaign to eradicate systemic racism in society
• Hold the government to account for their incompetence in dealing with the Covid crisis and for our members paying the ultimate price
• Defend our members and the services they deliver from government attacks and neglect
• Fight the public sector pay freeze – UNISON members must not pay for the cost of Covid

We believe that for our new General Secretary to take these fights to the government and for UNISON to punch its weight as the largest trade union in Britain, she needs a unified NEC. She can deliver but only if she has an NEC that puts members interests before those of any personal gain, politics or faction.

For our NEC to deliver on the issues that matter most to you and your members we need an NEC that is united in its priorities rather than fighting itself.

Nominate Sonya Howard, Clara Mason, Eddie Brand and Eunice Whyte- your NEC team for London

Eddie Brand for London Male Seat
Clara Mason for London Female seat x2
Eunice Whyte for London Reserved Seat
Sonya Howard for London Female Seat x2

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