Friday, November 28, 2014

These Czechs "worked" in the UK for less than four years. No benefits for them?

Great tweet by Tomas Prouza the Czech State Secretary for European Affairs in response to our Tory Prime Minster latest pandering to racists

The vast majority of EU citizens who come to this country come to work and are not interested in claiming benefits. 

We don't mind when young Czechs come to this country to fight and die for our freedom but if they come to work and pay taxes then should they be treated as Totaleinsatz.?


Anonymous said...

Most of the people in the photograph must either be dead or in their 80s, these young Czechs you mention must be their grand children. It’s nice that you care about foreigners and their grand children so much. Pity you don’t seem to have the same love and affection about us British workers who also happen to be looking for work and want to work and do not want to claim benefits. Well, not being a racist I would like to tell you that my father also fought for this country and I’m sick to death of all this immigration. More and more, your paymasters, the rich, must love it. I can’t get a job; I can’t get a minimum wage job. I’ve applied for 100s of crap jobs some only 8 hours and all at the minimum wage. What jobs are these people doing? Where are these people living? How can these people find jobs and accommodation when most of them can’t even speak in English? There is a massive increase in homelessness and 800.000 people have had their benefit sanctioned, 1 million people need food banks to eat, not to mention the 250.000 people doing workfare. You really are a Tory, you hate the working class. To think that you are actually in the Labour party says it all. People like you are a disgrace. My father must be turning in his grave, to think that his generation fought the Nazis to get this.

John Gray said...

I think anon you will find that most of the young men in this photo were killed in action during the War while defending your right to come out with such racist claptrap.

Look, there is a perfectly legitimate debate about immigration but you don't have to descend to the sewer to make it.

Instead of blaming "Johnie foreigner" for everything - instead ask why companies are not forced to provide decent apprenticeships and training; why aren't we building more truly affordable & secure homes and why are the jobs on offer so badly paid and/or on zero hour contracts?

Why should we tolerate living in a society where Helge Lund gets £25 million golden handshake while 20% of population earn less than a living wage.

These are the real problems and issues that face us.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t need foreigners to fight for my rights against the Nazis, my father did that and the only racist in this argument is you. You would be more than happy to replace every one of us, even with people whose grand fathers fought with the Nazis

John Gray said...

anon, you are now just being plain silly.

Both my Grandfathers fought in the second world war against the Nazi and yes, they and "you" (?) did need "foreigners" to help them survive.

If it was not for the Poles, Czechs, Slovakia, Free French, Belgium and Americans we would have lost the Battle of Britain and the Nazi would have won.

Never mind the millions of Indians, Africans and West Indians who came to help us fight Nazi /Germany and Japan.

Please at least try to make some sort of reasoned argument that is not just simple personal abuse.