Monday, November 03, 2014

Vote YES to Give UNISON a Political Voice

Today I received my ballot paper enclosed with the UNISON membership magazine. 

The Tories under their anti-trade union agenda forced a ballot every 10 years on whether or not unions should have a "Political" Fund.

UNISON members can choose to pay a small levy out of their subs (15 pence a week) to one of two different and separate political funds - the APF (Applied political fund) which supports the Labour Party and the GPF (General political fund) which does not.

Or they can choose to pay nothing into either political fund.

I volunteer to pay into the APF political fund but this ballot is not about whether you support the Labour Party or not (and of course I think trade unionists should) but whether you think trade unions should do any sort of political campaigning or not.

I think they should and the work done by our GPF in helping defeat and then destroy the racist BNP in recent elections shows the value of us having such a political voice.

So if you are a UNISON member please vote yes to retaining our political voices and don't forget to send off your ballot paper!

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