Sunday, November 02, 2014

Living Wage Week - 2 Nov to 8 Nov 2014

This week is "Living Wage" week. Which is a celebration of the "Living Wage" Campaign and a means to raise awareness.

The "living wage" is £8.80 per hour in London and £7.65 elsewhere.  Hardly a huge sum of money to live on.

Check out the website here and see how

"Over 10,000 London families have been lifted out of working poverty as a direct result of the Living Wage - Professor Jane Wills, Queen Mary University of London"

While the Observer today reports that the number of people protected is now over 60,000 nationally after "after surge in firms signing up".

I am pleased that Newham Council has a policy and manifesto commitment for a scrutiny commission to investigate if it can implement a Living wage for all contracted staff (all in house staff are currently paid the living wage as well as decent pension and sickness pay). This is due to take place early next year by the Regeneration and Employment Scrutiny Commission (which I am a member).

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