Friday, November 07, 2014

Happy Birthday Bolshevik Revolution, Trotsky & Grayee...

November 7th is the 97th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and the 135th birthday of Lev Davidovich Bronshtein.

I will of course be celebrating tonight both events (and one other) with good UNISON trade union comrades in a Peoples Republic of Newham public bar(s) and restaurant :)


Alan Griffiths said...

That would be the counter-revolution that
1) strangled the infant democracy of the provisional Government,
2) started the civil war,
3)killed immense numbers of people,
4)created the Soviet Union,
and killed immense numbers of people all over again.

Lenin and Trotsky, mass-killing scum.

John Gray said...

Very true Alan. Somewhat similar I think to our own Civil war?

Anonymous said...

Well, our Ed is certainly no hero, that’s for sure.
Here’s a wee poem for the Blue, Pink, Orange, Yesterday, Tomorrow and New Labourites.
‘notice the no Red’

Tie me leadership down, Grayee
Tie me leadership down
Tie me leadership down, sport
Tie me leadership down
Keep me looking cool, John
Keep me looking cool
Ah, don't go acting the fool, John
Just keep me looking cool

John Gray said...

Keep to the Day job anon!!

I don't think this poetry stuff is going to come to much.

Anonymous said...

Call me old fashioned but I thought poety was supposed to rhyme?

Anonymous said...

I think John you will find that this is the work of the Newham twitting skinhead yob and far right fascist.

Anonymous said...

John, the Newham fascist skinhead is bleating and thinks I am you.

John Gray said...

Hi anons

Yawn. I haven't a clue who you are. Ironically I blocked him from twitter after he called me a fascist.

The trouble is of course that you could well be the short haired one? He has previous for this sort of thing on my blog and others.

He also use to write letters to the Newham Recorder in his name then write another letter the following week in a different name attacking his letter!

Its all about ego and self promotion I am afraid.

Maybe I should only allow comments if they have a google account?

Mike Law said...


We've never met. You make up stories about me and convince yourself they're true.

You act like a fascist, talk like a fascist... you are one.

John Gray said...

Yet more cant and hypocrisy Mike.

It is a fact that I blocked you on twitter after you called me a fascist

It is a fact that you use to attack your own letters in the Recorder.

You should be ashamed of yourself for calling political opponents "fascists".

You demean the evil of fascism and racism by doing so.

Newham Examiner said...

I couldn't care less if you blocked me, but where is your proof that I write LETTERS to the Recorder and then argue against them?

How is it you think you know me when we have never met?

Where is your proof that I am a thug as you like to say?

Why is it okay for you to throw names at people who have the temerity to question you yet you cry like a child if anyone should throw an insult back at you.

You're the hypocrite John. You're also a sad example of someone who is so up himself he cannot see the light.

John Gray said...

Love you lots as well Mikey/Newham Examiner/Anon (or whoever you are now)

Not sure the SHOUTING helps your case?

So you admit that you called me a fascist on twitter and that is why I blocked you?

May I ask you do you deny writing letters to Recorder then arguing against then? Simple question?

So you think making on-line foul mouthed aggressive rants such as you are a "f#######" isn't yobbish behaviour?

I am really glad that we haven't met. Long may it last. I judge you on your comments.

Now, I will be first to admit that I am not perfect and sometimes say things on line that I later regret.

But I don't think that I am as deliberately rude and unpleasant as you have been.

But I accept that I am hardly an impartial judge.

Anyway, Keep up the good work. You are worth your weight to Labour in Newham since you just discredit the opposition.

Kisses as always:)

Mike Law said...

I used capitals for emphasis as I have not written “letters” to the Recorder and then refuted their content in other letters. What I did do, and I’m happy to admit to it, was to draft one letter to the Recorder on an issue that warranted being kept in the public arena (which the Mayor was keen to see die a death). I asked a friend to redraft it and send it in so I could respond to it, making some important points public. Points that I had submitted in previous submissions that the Recorder refused to print. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat if the issue was as important.

But remind me, didn’t your colleague, Clive Furness, write to all Newham Labour candidates during the local election urging them to submit letters to the Recorder in other peoples names to keep “live” issues that were pertinent to Labour’s campaign? You must loath having to sit in the Council chamber with him.

I have used a couple of expletives directed at you in previous correspondence. Maybe I shouldn’t have done, but continually being referred to as a violent thug by some keyboard hero who has never met you can get a little annoying. I’m surprised you’re so sensitive, as you sit on the same council as the Rev. Ann Easter who admitted to swearing in the Newham Recorder… you must really dislike her. In any event, whatever I called you, it was hardly a foul-mouthed aggressive rant (I’ll leave the ranting to you) but I’m sure at the time it fit the bill.

I think I understand why you are the way you are. If you are the right-on Liberal Democrat mock Labour member you like to portray yourself as, it must be soul destroying sitting on a council run by a pseudo Tory Mayor who implements policies that would be difficult for real Labour councillors to defend, let alone support. But, for the most part, you sit silently not saying a word while happily pocketing your £29.66 a day.

When you start to raise questions about the real issues that have a bearing on the wellbeing and future of Newham residents I may start taking you seriously. Until then, as a elected representative, you’re a joke.

John Gray said...

hmmm Mike

You really don't get it do you? You don't have any understanding how sneering, unpleasant and plain old nasty you appear? or don't you care?

You could make powerful political points but you prefer to roll around the gutter making cheap and frankly untrue points.


So you think it is nothing wrong to accuse people you don't like as fascists? or calling me repeatedly a F######## or W####### and a number of other choice terms (in fact you boasted and reveled about it).

I'm sorry but I believe my source that you (not this make believe "friend") used to attack yourself in the Recorder.

I remember when you wrote to me pretending to be your female cousin. I could tell it was you due to your usual aggressive and arrogant tone.

The same way you lie and distort what you claim others have said.

Look, big bad Mikey. I am no angel but please do not pollute this blog with your sewer.

Good luck to you and bye, bye.

Newham Truther said...

John, you think he could have at least wished you Happy Birthday?

John Gray said...

Mike doesn't do "happy".

Newham Truther said...

He is now calling you a Nazi on twitter

John Gray said...

for once he is being consistent.

Anonymous said...

You are both twats

Newham Truther said...

I wonder if Mike uses this sort of language in front of his family?

Anonymous said...

This has confirmed to me that I will not vote Labour in the next election. Grow up and get real!

Newham Examiner said...

In the balance of probabilities, you may be right.

Newham Examiner said...

And there's the point, what language?

John Gray said...

so Mike confirms he thinks I am a "Nazi" - someone who enjoys murdering millions of people in concentration camps and turning them into soap etc.

Oh well. Anyway I am too busy to comment further since I have a full day tomorrow.

I'm invading Poland...

Newham Truther said...

The skin head fascist has been calling you a "Twat"; "fascist"; "liar", "crap"; "ranting"; "A child"; "slander".

Does this mean he does not like you John?

John Gray said...

Well, I think its definitive proof that I must be lying when I refer to him as a foul mouthed yob.

Newham Examiner said...

Where the "foul mouth"? I just say at as I see it. Why didn't you post my previous comment that countered your nonsense?

John Gray said...

Call me old fashioned, but maybe, just maybe, that I don't want to give a self admitted foul mouthed yob, the platform to say anything they want?

...that is what twitter is for :)

Newham Examiner said...

I was responding to your lies and asking for evidence of my "foul mouthed" yobbishness, but as you cannot handle the truth, it's little surprise you're too cowardly to run with it.

John Gray said...


You admit to calling me a fascist and now a Nazi, twat, liar, coward etc.

You have got to admit you are indeed a foul mouthed yob

You admit to writing to me pretending to be your female cousin

You admit to "drafting" a letter to the Recorder for a friend attacking your previous letter

Not lies - so truth?

Anyway, obviously we cannot agree and I am bored of all this. You keep up your ranting on twitter and I will get on with real issues and real politics.