Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Private school pupils and their continual monopoly on privilege.

Researchers found that ’31 per cent of private school pupils in the 1970 birth cohort obtained a degree from an elite university, compared to 13 per cent from grammar schools, 5 per cent from comprehensives, and 2 per cent from secondary moderns.’ hat tip leftfoot forward

So wealth alone results in a hugely privileged education for the very few in our society. Grammar schools don't challenge this and until all our kids get a fair crack at our top universities then this stupid, regressive and divisive monopoly on life chances will persist.

I was born a little earlier in 1962 and went to an ex secondary modern comprehensive but was the first person in my entire family history to go to university.  I was very lucky but suspect that these appalling statistics are pretty much the same today. I simply do not believe that kids in private schools are more than 6 times more intelligent than those in Comprehensives. Money talks and just reinforces selfish privilege.

Does anyone, anywhere, think that this is in anyway good for our society?


Anonymous said...

I suggest you read Comp to get an idea of what happens in a typical state school :

Anonymous said...

Why don't you blame Labour values?. You scorn sneer people who have been to Oxford. You scorn sneer people who have a posh accent. You scorn sneer people who not working class.

When you hear the debate on grammar schools. You will hear about working class kids who ended up in Grammar School, but hated it. Whilst those in comprehensive, feel lost out at been unable to get to grammar school.

How can comprehensives work, when you dump bright kids with disruptive ones?.

Would you really trust someone to be your MP or run public company whose speech is punctuated with 'innit'?

What incentive do state school teachers have to ensure their pupils have high grades?

How many state school teachers were fired from their job for poor performance?

Visit any state school. They mix the bright kids, with the lunatics, psychos and hoodies. The bright kids get beaten up, bullied, harassed and it kills their confidence.

In my state school, the kids enjoyed making the teacher cry.

Parents who are paying a lot of money for their child's private education expect results. They will not tolerate their own child or anyone elses disrupting the class.

Those kids from private schools ooze in confidence.

In private schools, there is no embarrassment in dreaming about going to Oxbridge or any Top Ten university, it's the norm. People are encouraged and supported.

Why don't you ask why Diane Abbot does not send her kids to state school?

Alan Ji said...

Anonymous, are you depressed?

John Gray said...

Not sure about depressed Alan but his comments are rather silly and mostly regurgitated Daily Mail bile.

Look anon, the issue to hand is not about pros and cons of comps or grammar schools (and I have a view) but why private schools dominate our society and why we allow money - not talent to buy privilege.

Unless this is changed then history will just repeat itself again and again...