Thursday, April 19, 2012

London Marathon 2012 Wk 26: "how will I get through it?"

Now there is less than 3 days to go before the start of the London Marathon 2012. Week 26 of my marathon training finished on Sunday when I did my last long run in Epping Forest. Starting from Queen Elizabeth hunting lodge in Chingford then a 75 minute run around and inside the forest. Epping Forest is the Jewel of East London. The best part of the run was through the forest along the little used paths and trails. You may get lost from time to time but the solitude is well worth it. You would not believe  that this ancient woodland is so close to central London.

Yesterday I registered and picked up my London Marathon 2012 "running pack" from the Newham ExCel centre. On the way into the main Exhibition hall there was this "how will you get through it" message board. All runners were encouraged to write something about how they will get through the run. I made some silly comment on it but the truth of the matter is that for most of us it will just be one long, knackering and bloody painful experience.

I did the London Marathon 10 years ago and afterwards swore that I would never do it again. Of course, eventually I forgot how awful it was and began to think that it wasn't that bad and I should give it another go. So I am. But it is only now that I have been practising the long, long training runs that it all comes to back to me how 'orrible distance running is. But I have committed to run and will hopefully give it some purpose by raising money for a charity set up to prevent young people becoming homeless and helping them out of it if they do.

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